Gangland: London` Underworld: v. 1

James Morton

The spectacular trial of the high-profile Kray brothers blew the lid off the London Underworld of the 1950s and 60s. But what of the great citys gangland before and since? In this comprehensive and thoroughly researched history of Londons secret life, James Morton exposes some startling conclusions about exactly who lurked - and still lurks - in the powerhouses of the Underworld. From the Dover Road Gang of the 1880s to the era of the Krays and up to the Triads and Yardies of the present, GANGLAND reveals the people who ruled, robed and regulated vast areas of the capital - and those who hold ominous power today. Fascinating accounts are recorded - many from contemporaries of the controllers of vice in Soho, of contract killers, bank robbers, drug dealers, grasses and supergrasses - and of the crooked police officers and lawyers who helped them perpetuate the Underworld structure.