Poems of Reality

Nicholas Martin

PLEASE SUPPORT. 80% OF AUTHOR COMMISSIONS WILL BE SENT TO OXFAM. Poetry is so often based upon an idealistic world which describes what people would like to believe and understand about life and love. But this is not always how the real world works. A modern world. The poetry in this book is about everyday situations, everyday feelings and everyday events, written in a way that everybody can understand. Although I cover many subjects including love, trust and optimism, I also cover often ignored subjects such as loss, pain, loneliness and the suffering which is all around us before our eyes. These are the Poems of Reality. He has a way of putting pen to paper, and making everyone understand where hes coming from. Poets Guild His work is telling us home truths in a simple and down to Earth way of issues which are right before our very eyes. Skyline Publications Nicholas James Martin has already established himself within the United States and Europe.